Poetry: Unrequited (Inspired by a vintage photo)


Isn’t it grand?

How the sea persists in kissing the sand,

Without warning or reasons,

Oblivious to the ever-changing seasons.
Through summer I drowned you,

In my refreshing affection.

I fell defeated at your feet,

Amazed and sick of your perfection.
Spring sprung and you were golden,

Shimmering in my amber sun,

You stole my breath, I’m still,

The buoys greet me one by one.
Autumn you were vacant,

Solemn and dull you lay,

Frustrated I reared at your door,

My tremendous waves on display.
Winter you had fled,

Misplaced, mislaid, missing.

I withdraw to the depths,

Wishing it was you I was kissing.


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