Creative chaos: Sandwich description

Sandwich description

The contents are embraced by two thick slices of an indulgent sourdough which is peppered with pumpkin seeds, it is soft and voluptuous when grasped in my hands. My fingers leave indents in the sponge-like slice as I raise it to my lips; I am impressed by the suppleness. A crumbly white cheese with a heavily smoked scent dominates the filling, immersing my tongue in a generous rich coat. The cheese is surprisingly mature but I enjoy the flavoursome produce nonetheless. Sharp peppercorn seeds lead the way and take me leisurely down a pathway of flavour and spice. Shortly after I am greeted by the burst of a glistening tomato, it’s deliciously ripe insides are sweet and fresh whilst the flesh has bathed in a tangy balsamic dressing. Too much of this dressing might’ve ruined the bread however it is obvious that the perfect amount had been drizzled over the lush contents. I admire the slicing of the tomatoes, so exact as to not disturb the juicy insides as they wait to be enjoyed.

Crisp lettuce supports the tomatoes and like a hammock cradles an abundance of chopped spring onion; their chunky cylindrical shape is just the right amount of bitter to compliment the rest of the ingredients. The cheese arrives again, passive but pleasant. The butter, salted and creamy is not too thin and is a tribute to the bread; the tastes go perfectly together with such precision. The softness of the bread and the melodic snap of the lettuce is my favourite part. The crunch is immensely satisfying and amplifies the freshness of the ingredients even further; I adore the combination which is both simple and succulent and I am eager for my next bite. I am reluctant to swallow as I want these flavours to ravish my tongue for as long as possible.


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