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Lush – Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser

I have always enjoyed the fresh and affordable products available at Lush; on more occasions than I’d like to admit I have been persuaded to buy one of these vegan creations by smell. When visiting my closest Lush store I am eager to try the various new products however this time I was drawn by an old favourite which had recently been re-released. ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ dons a buttery popcorn aroma and aims to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. I was educated in the store that people with combination skin types and dry skin sufferers would benefit from the grainy maize flour and cinnamon in this paste-like product. The gritty consistency is perfect for flaking off dead skin and reducing blackheads. Lush describes their product as ‘A gentle yet scrubby cleanser which will soothe and soften your skin, giving it a natural glow.’ and after trialling the product for a month I am starting to see why.

On first expectation the price may seem a little steep, priced at £6.75 for 100g seems costly but Lush’s signature black pots hold a lot of product. After using it once you’ll understand how much product you actually have; it is activated by taking the size of a five pence coin from the pot, placing it in your palm and submerging it into the water. When the thick texture emerges, rub the water into the product creating a sandy paste, it triples in size. I’d give this cleanser a 4/5 for affordability, the product is naturally made with lots of substance; the black pot it arrives in can be collected and recycled for more Lush products and the improvements in my skin have been noticeable and complimented all week. You can order the product straight from Lush’s website or visit your closest store.  Delivery to the UK is within 3-5 working days and the package is fully bio-degradable.

Although the product will last a long time, all Lush products have a use by date as the ingredients are all fresh and natural. They are still safe to use after this date has passed however the product loses effectiveness over time. Another thing I noticed was the harsh, abrasive clusters of popcorn scattered within the mixture, I found these to be quite scratchy on my skin; these can be avoided by simply fishing them out with dry hands before using the product.

Lush website: Reviews

“This is my favourite thing ever to use on my skin. For a while now my skin has been breaking out in problem areas around my mouth and forehead and feeling terrible and rough all over. I tried other products before this and they were okay and helped to an extent then my skin would go back to normal. After using this product (even after the first time) my skin felt incredible.”

“I haven’t given it 5 stars as this product hasn’t amazed me and it’s a pain to wash off, especially when I’m in a rush in the morning. I will be repurchasing.”

In the end I believe it’s a matter of judgment, some people might dislike the sugary scent others might not see any results but overall it depends on skin type. As for me, I liked this product and what it achieved. I have tried other Lush cleansers and have found this one works best for my combination skin type and it does that whilst still having a pleasant scent. I would definitely without a doubt repurchase; it’s affordable and recyclable.

Molly Johnston


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