I’m the reason you’re apprehensive to take a sip of that JD and

Coke he just brought you – that same reason you don’t follow unfamiliar boys

Upstairs to vacant rooms anymore.  Fake flattery intoxicates you

More than any 70cl bottle of Jack could. Slurred compliments never

Sounded better than when you’re standing outside at 3am, his awkward

Arms around your awkward shoulders.

Spluttered respires and smoke billow fires battle for a spot against the thick night and you battle for your own body back.

Alcohol doesn’t make you forget anything.  When you get blackout drunk,

The brain temporarily loses the ability to create memories – though there’s

Nothing you can do to erase those messy recollections that trouble you when

It’s late. I am that last drip of vodka that delighted your lips but scorched your

Throat – you gulped it eagerly and those glossy eyes of yours widened.

I’m sure you felt so glamorous drinking your mother’s favourite lemon

Liquor out of a questionably sized pint glass. You nabbed it from under the sink Earlier whilst she was telling you how much she loved you – your head fizzed from

Last night and you scarcely heard the concern in her voice as she scrubbed

The vomit from your shirt.


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