POEM: Jupiter Dreams

Not even Saturn’s rings

could bind you, Jess.

Your freckles; like constellations

spread chaotically across your cheeks.

Do you crave the suffocating


Comes with the darkness

you desire so much.

Inhale the celestial spun words

from those silly books you read –

reality is far too scary for you, Jess.

The dark doesn’t matter anymore,

with bruises like supernovas

scattered on your shins.

A partial eclipse

revealing all of your

solstice sins.

You want space?

I’ll give you the moons that

occupy your bedroom ceiling,

the glow in the dark stickers

stuck to the back of your door.

I’ll give you the stars from your

eyes and so much more,


Jessica D with her lips like mercury,

sending brave boys into the void.


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