Poetry: Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

6 metres of nostalgia

Hung untidily,

Bordering my nest with light.

Each bead of illumination is

Reflected in distressed stare.


Red like last Saturday’s lips,

Red like the chaotic thoughts

Smothering my mind.

Red like the swollen bottom lip

From an intoxicated insult.


Green like the sickly flesh

Of my grief.

Green like envy,

Resentment that crushes me.

Green like glowing eyes,

In a darkening alleyway.

Blue like the leafy veins

Of my colourless skin.

Blue like the blizzard

Coating me in sorrow.

Blue like the shadows

Huddled beneath my eyes.


In reminiscence

I simply say,

‘The lights always looked nicer

On display’

– Molly Johnston


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