Poetry: Resolutions


“It’s a phase” you say,

Just a chapter in my existence.

It’s been “Three whole years” I mumble:

But I can’t help but admire its consistence,

Its resistance to the “new year, new me”,

A simple phrase repeated at each 12 o’clock chime,

1st of January be kind to me.

“You’re being dramatic” you joke.

I know you’re only trying to lighten the mood,

But it’s Six am and the sky will do that soon.

The sun attempts to fight awake,

I sympathise with you,

Hot ball of fire that illuminates us.

This is silly really,

You’re the centre of the solar system

And I’m simply a deceased star.

Why are you still awake?

Don’t you have things to be doing?

Greater things to achieve?

“Probably” I scowl.

I’m just not fully aware of them yet,

Nor am I particularly motivated

To soar for failure.

Not yet,

Not just yet.

– Molly Johnston


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