Authorized (Draft 1 – Poetry)

Entitled to my intoxicated kiss;

The price I pay for a double vodka coke,

No ice. Lemon wedge.

Hands on my waist – eyes vacant from my face.

Small talk. Boozy breath.


A concoction of numbers I pulled from my head;

Methods I must use to keep them sweet,

Icy air. Jacketed shoulders.

Hands below my waist – ‘Wanna come back to my place?’

Shaken head. Apologetic hands.


Bitter words about my visible figure;

Resentment in the way he furrows his brow,

Ironic insults. Harsh hissings.

Hands grabbing for my thighs – convinced I’ve told lies.

Raised voices. Regular occurrence.
*Thanks for taking the time to read my work! I’m just a small girl with big dreams, I’ve been attempting to make my love of writing into a full-time occupation but unfortunately people just don’t take the time to appreciate writing. If you could help a girl out with her aspirations that would be deeply appreciated: Pay me back using my PayPal.Me link: *


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