Mrs B’s New Bracelet (Poetry)

Slow breathing tides lap over me:

Their once glorious sighs reduced to mere whispers.

I’m tipsy with the thought

Of my next location –

A destination most desired by a simple seabed dweller.


Have I made it? I splutter after

The submersion of sand and success.

I gasp as the water inhales – exposed

And cool, I ponder.

“You’ll do fine; it’s what’s inside that matters!”

With a ghastly grey exterior I disagree.


Curious brown eyed creature

Greets me with excitement –

I am raised with gentle hands and

Praised for my size –

Which of course begins an unstoppable


“They only want you for one thing!”

My mother’s words ricochet.
*Thanks for taking the time to read my work! I’m just a small girl with big dreams, I’ve been attempting to make my love of writing into a full-time occupation but unfortunately people just don’t take the time to appreciate writing. If you could help a girl out with her aspirations that would be deeply appreciated: Pay me back using my PayPal.Me link: *


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